Blockchain Administration OverviewΒΆ

In the KompiTech Blockchain platform, administration refers to how you create, configure, and manage your blockchain resources and networks. Administration tasks, such as bringing up peers, orderers, channels, chaincodes and more, are handled for you by KompiTech Blockchain Platform. You perform these tasks using the KompiTech blockchain Dashboard or APIs. You can use these interfaces not only to create Hyperledger Fabric networks but to fully manage the blockchain network lifecycle.


A how-to guide for blockchain application developers is covered in the next section.

Administration Overview

Operator how-to documentation section will walk you through the following features and capabilities of KompiTech blockchain:

  • Account and user management - user access, rights, and grants assignment.

  • Peer and Orderer management - create, update or delete peers and orderers.

  • Channels management - create, update or delete channels and automation process to invite and join other organizations to channel.

  • Chaincode management - install, instantiate and upgrade chaincodes.

  • Certificate management - Identity as a Service, certificate generation.

  • Hyperledger Fabric management - upgrades, downgrades, backups, restore.